Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

(Pablo Picasso)


Maybe at a first glance it is not clear how children and picture frames might be related.  To begin with, the primarily task of every parent is to teach and cultivate an understanding of beauty in their baby, and to help the child to develop a sense of harmony in general. This does not apply only to picture frames, but also to choices in literature, films or cartoons. It is extremely important to understand that a child’s sense of taste starts forming from the first days of life.

Once children begin to draw their first masterpieces, wise parents usually collect and keep all of them. Kids are constantly changing in their own little creative world, and if you look how child’s art works changes in the course of just one year, you can learn a lot about how his or her psychology, motor skills and creativity have developed in that time. Of course, just because a child is interested in painting it does not mean that he or she will become a professional artist. Even so, art as a hobby is extremely useful for the youngster’s personal development, and if he or she is doing well in drawing, parents should support these efforts. It is important to realize that a child’s spiritual formation takes place during the process of creating.

Nowadays, children usually paint with special computer applications which give more scope for fantasy than a dozen colour pencils, creating pictures which are either deleted immediately or stored in some faceless folder. But what if there were a better way? What if a parent could keep the early works of their little artist, mounted in a beautiful picture frame, an album or even a small online gallery of the child’s paintings?

When you and your child go together to choose a picture frame for something they have created, the youngster can experience the transformation of his or her art work, at the same time as learning what a picture frame is for. He or she will come to understand the crucial role a picture frame plays in a painter’s life, and be grateful to you for respecting and supporting their art works. Your child will be proud to show the framed drawings to friends, who probably also are fond of drawing. And most importantly of all, your child’s confidence and self-esteem will increase.

Although in most cases, children’s art works do not require massive carved frames, mounting children’s drawings in thin coloured picture frames is not always the best solution. Instead, surrounding a child’s painting with a coloured mat can give the right visual effect.

ImageFramer offers a huge selection of frames and mats for your child’s drawings. Beautifully framed, the pictures can be entered in a young talent competition, or proudly displayed for friends and family. Imagine how wonderful it would be to look at your child’s art work right on your office desktop! It will remind you warmth and comfort that waits for you at home when the workday is over.


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