Memory is the only paradise out of which we cannot be driven away

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Humanity has learned to save the most significant events of life, memories of closest friend’s faces and extraordinarily beautiful places in photography. In most cases, photos are not framed with proper respect. However, beautifully framed photos will be a bright accent to your personality.

From the earliest days of photography, a frame and a mat were used to enhance it. In fact, even daguerreotypes used to have special cases in which they have been shown to a public. Photo studios of that time decorated artworks with a mat. Moreover, there were large sections in old photographic magazines, describing rules of framing for photography. A lot of articles were written about how to choose an appropriate mat – usually grey or cream-colored. Mat width depends on the purpose of a picture: it is wider for exhibition photos and narrower for family and portraits. Besides, some other rules were described in those magazines: the top and the bottom of a mat must be wider if a picture has a horizontal frame format, and on the contrary, mat sides must be wider if it has a vertical frame format. It is recommended to use a thin white edge as a gap between an image and a mat to make a photo deeper.

An impression of outstanding artwork can easily be ruined if using an improper frame. On the other hand, a frame and a mat are able to create a better perception of a picture which is not so impressive.

A black frame makes a good combination with a white mat and a white frame is usually used with a black mat. Due to this approach, a high contrast is created at a photo border. Nevertheless, the most expressive accents of a whole image perception must not be moved to a frame itself. For example, a shimmer of lips and eyes in portrait photography cannot compete with the strength of a contrasting frame. For this reason, a framing role is not only to surround an image, but also to become a part of an image itself.

A frame must be very modest if needs to be chosen for a portrait: simple form, laconic colours. It is better to choose a grey or a white frame for a black and white portrait. It is not recommended to choose a black frame unless you are not a fan of the Gothic style. It will make a photo gloomy. Nevertheless, a photo with dominant brown tones requires a chocolate brown, beige, gold or a wooden frame.

A coloured photo will look stunning in a light frame, which must be in harmony with an overall colour of the photo. If a photo contains bright details, a frame can repeat a colour of them. For instance, a red flower will look brighter because of a red coloured frame.


A picture must be framed according to its style. Serious photos must not be framed with prints of cheerful flowers (unless a certain comic effect needs to be reached). On the other hand, a frame with small animals, flowers and balloons prints will fit perfectly to a child photo. For photos of couples in love both variants can be chosen: either funny frames with hearts or serious frames of a standard form and deep colour (black, burgundy, blue, etc.).

There is nothing better than a silver frame for photos in blue and light grey tones. A white or a grey frame would be an optimal solution for black-and-white photos. Even though a black mat and a black frame look interesting and unusual together, there is a high risk of visual shrinkage of an image as well as a negative perception of a picture. In most cases, grey frames must be chosen very carefully as they can make a photo boring and unremarkable. The best recommendation for choosing a frame for a vintage photo would be to choose a frame of the same style as times when a picture was taken.

The properly chosen frame can emphasise a dignity of a photo and creates a special mood when looking at it. ImageFramer offers a wide selection of frames to suit everyone’s taste and style. Photos must not be stored in faceless folders for years, they must please you and bring happiness every day.

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