A frame for a picture is like a beautiful dress for a woman. It serves to emphasise the important details, hide the disadvantages, and create a complete, perfect image. Many private owners and art galleries exhibit their paintings without frames, but this is a huge mistake. An unframed picture looks far less impressive than it could because the painting itself is rarely self-sufficient and lacks a complete form. In most cases, the right framing is necessary to complete the image.

A frame plays an essential role in affecting the perception of a picture or photo and changes the way viewers interpret the image. The same piece of art in one frame may appear solemn or severe, romantic or wistful in another. And, every frame has a special role – a landscape frame enhances perspective, while a portrait or a still life frame can expand the space. A frame allows you to emphasise a particular colour, style, and mood in a picture.

               White frame                        Golden frame

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