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The Mac way to frame your pictures

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We believe that your art looks better in a suitable frame

ImageFramer helps you to:

  • Have fun with your photos and make them special
  • Decide how to best frame your art by comparing multiple designs
  • Make your artwork stand out with life-like frames for a professional look

Frame Designs

There are over 700 beautiful frame designs available with more being added constantly
See available frames

Color Adjustment

Customize frames by adjusting Brightness, Saturation, or colorizing the whole frame

Flexible Frame Width

Frame width can be easily changed independently of image size

Extremely Versatile

Add text or image overlays, add multiple mat layers, control shadows and more

Compare and Save Designs

Easily preview and compare your frame design variations to select the perfect one

Frame Editor

Frame Editor in Pro version lets you add and edit your own frames

“Your program saved me hundreds of hours of time. Anyone who is an artist, photographer or interior designer will use this software in their daily work flow.
Being a full-time artist and gallery owner I can tell you how excited my clients are to be a part of the frame design process.”

“What sets ImageFramer apart is that it makes frames from actual photographs of picture framing molding. The results can be stunning.”

- Coquina Daily review

“I already own all the expensive, difficult to use framing programs and found this gem so will drop the others.”

- Jerry Jividen
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    Availability and System Requirements

    ImageFramer requires OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) or higher

    If you use an earlier OS X version download version 3.1.2