Your files,
at your fingertips
“Trickster feels really well designed. I'm pretty picky about apps that I let keep an icon in my status bar, but Trickster has earned a spot there.”
Mike Dattolo, $2-tuesday
“Where Trickster does the trick for me is with its keyboard navigation.”
Cody Fink, Macstories
“I’ve used similar apps, but none of them ever stuck for me. Trickster smooths out the process and fills in the missing features. I’m using it every day now.”
Brett Terpstra - designer, developer, blogger
“Incredibly useful, nicely designed.”
Jean MacDonald, partner in Smile Software
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What does it do?

Trickster keeps track of all of your recently used files and applications and keeps them all safely listed in your menu bar.

  • Did you just open a document in Pages? It’s in Trickster.
  • Did you just download a file? Don’t bother searching your downloads folder, Trickster has it just one mouse click away.
  • Did you get side-tracked browsing? Everything you were supposed to be working on is still in your menu bar, ready when you are.

What can you do with Trickster?

  • Quickly access a visual list of your recently used files and applications
  • Drag them onto your Dock or into other applications
  • Open them or show then in Finder
  • Find a file easily by using a file kind filter (i.e. show images only)
  • Save your favorite folders and files in a sidebar to access at any time
  • Create custom filters, like "Pages files in Documents folder'
  • Flag important files and get back to them later with a single click
  • Drop files on Trickster icon, adding them to the list, and use them later

Why is Trickster better than Recent items and smart folders?

  • Trickster can filter results that you don't want to be shown
  • Trickster shows more results
  • Trickster shows files previews, allowing you to find your file visually
  • Trickster saves your time - it takes less clicks to get to the files
  • Trickster has a Favorites Sidebar for frequently used files or folders
  • Trickster can be controlled from the keyboard

For some users, "recent items" functionality is enough, but many could benefit from the additional functionality provided by Trickster. Try it for free and decide for yourself.