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“Trickster feels really well designed. I'm pretty picky about apps that I let keep an icon in my status bar, but Trickster has earned a spot there.”
Mike Dattolo, $2-tuesday
“Where Trickster does the trick for me is with its keyboard navigation.”
Cody Fink, Macstories
“I’ve used similar apps, but none of them ever stuck for me. Trickster smooths out the process and fills in the missing features. I’m using it every day now.”
Brett Terpstra - designer, developer, blogger
“Incredibly useful, nicely designed.”
Jean MacDonald, partner in Smile Software
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“Trickster is a time saver and the support is excellent! Trickster stays out of your way as a small icon in your menu bar until you need it. And then it is a life saver for accessing the recent history of applications you have run and the documents that you have modified. I also love how it knows about your Dropbox folder. Trickster really comes in handy if you find yourself opening the same document sequentially in two separate applications.”
- Cave Hoek
“I really like this app. It saves me so much time. I always felt like I wasted so much time going to finder and having to sort entire folders to find the document that I was just working on. With Trickster, my recent files are much easier to access. I especially like the fact that I can modify and even add new filters. For instance, dropbox is built in, but I use several other cloud storage services and I was able to add them with no problem.”
- Mac App Store review
“Just fantastic.. - I rarely write reviews, but Trickster is a lifesaver. I'm not even using filters yet … but just seeing the last few items i've saved / edited / opened from anywhere is hugely helpful. I can even click/drag from trickster, over to drag and drop upload web form, which is even more fantastic. In the past 4 months, Trickster has definitely saved me a few hours of looking/searching in finder. Just a great little app!”
- Mac App Store review
“A HUGE timesaver, thanks a lot!”
- Mac App Store review
“Incredibly useful, nicely designed. I am quite picky about apps that go in my menubar, and Trickster has earned a spot. I frequently use "Open Recent..." to access up files I am using a lot. Trickster will save me time. The ability to access recent folders and media files is a bonus. The design is nice. I'm not sure if I will use Favorites, but you can hide that drawer. The simple Help is perfect.”
- Jean MacDonald, Smile Software
“Just purchased this a few days ago and already it is saving me so much time I feel like I'm actually getting younger.”
- Kristan, Macupdate review
“Full marks to developers Apparent Software, who have included a practical pop up visual guide to get you started and well-written in-built user manual.”
“The neat thing about Trickster is that you can view all of your latest files and apps in a stream, or dig deeper by checking them out by category; documents, photos, videos, audio, and downloads. You can even flag items for later use.”
“I just love it... Finally an App that manages my recent files and folders in an elegant, organized and easy way.”
- Alejandro Cordero