What is Trickster?

Trickster is a major upgrade to our popular productivity application Blast. It is a rewrite of the application, and it includes some cool features requested by Blast users.

Note that Trickster requires Mac OS X 10.8 (Lion) or later but if you have an older OS X version, you can still use Blast.

Why was the application name changed?

We were not completely satisfied with the name Blast that stuck with the application for historic reasons and we wanted to change it for a while. Release of Blast 2 was a perfect opportunity for this change... So welcome Trickster!

What's new in Trickster?

  • A new sleek visual design, with less clutter and more focus on your files
  • Improved performance - Trickster is faster and takes less memory
  • Spotlight-like search (filter by typing)
  • You can create¬†personalized filters based on file location, type and name
  • A better user interface with two view modes, alphabetic sorting and other improvements
  • Additional preset filters added: Downloads, Dropbox
  • You can flag files, so that you could get back to them later
  • You have more control over included and excluded files now

Want to know more?

Visit Trickster home page

How to upgrade?

Trickster is a paid upgrade from Blast, available on our website or on Mac App Store.